What is acute hypotension? when will it happen?

Many people have low blood pressure and feel tired and dizzy. Hypotension includes significantly chronic hypotension and acute hypotension. Chronic hypotension is caused by constitution or disease, and the symptoms can be controlled to some extent. However, acute hypotension develops rapidly and is life-threatening. This time, I will explain such acute hypotension.


What is hypotension?

Before we look at acute hypotension again and again, let me tell you about hypotension.
Hypotension is defined as a maximum (systolic) blood pressure of 100 mmhg or less and a minimum (diastolic) blood pressure of 60 mmhg or less. Unlike high blood pressure, low blood pressure is not diagnosed unless the person experiences symptoms and sees a doctor. Therefore, if there are no subjective symptoms, low blood pressure is not diagnosed, and some people do not even notice it. However, since blood pressure plays an important role such as supplying oxygen and blood to various organs in the body, even if it is too low, it may have some effect on the body.

What are the specific symptoms of low blood pressure?

Depending on the cause and type of low blood pressure, it generally causes dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, agitation, difficulty breathing, and, in severe cases, fainting.


Even low blood pressure can lead to serious complications such as fainting.

Chronic low blood pressure causes many casualties, and if fainting, secondary problems such as broken bones and head injuries may occur, so caution is required.


What is acute hypotension?

Tell me more about acute hypotension.
Acute hypotension is a pathological condition in which anaphylactic shock occurs when a vaccine or drug is administered, or a sudden drop in blood pressure occurs when symptoms of shock are shown due to acute alcohol poisoning or cardiovascular disease. Depending on the cause, it can be life-threatening.


Acute hypotension is a serious condition.
Yes, you can also control some symptoms if you have chronic hypotension. However, acute hypotension is difficult to prevent and control because it develops rapidly due to drugs or diseases.


What is the difference between acute hypotension and other forms of hypotension?

Even in the case of chronic hypotension, a sudden drop in blood pressure can lead to a serious condition, but it is possible to manage the symptoms by preparing lifestyle habits and receiving treatment. Acute hypotension is a sudden drop in blood pressure that is unpredictable and can be life-threatening depending on the cause.

Causes and prevention of acute hypotension

What is the treatment for acute hypotension?

In some cases, the underlying allergy or disorder is treated, such as with vasopressors. Intensive care may be given if symptoms such as shock appear. Therefore, hospitalization and outpatient visits may be necessary.

Is it possible to prevent acute hypotension?

Acute hypotension is unpredictable and difficult to prevent.

So what kind of measures are necessary?

Anaphylactic shock due to vaccination or drugs can occur to anyone, albeit at a low probability. Therefore, the implementing medical institution conducts post-administration follow-up and prepares for such a situation. When administering drugs such as vaccines and contrast media, keep stable for the time specified by the medical institution, and if you feel unwell or feel unwell, such as nausea, immediately inform the nearby staff. In addition, diseases such as the heart and blood vessels that may cause acute hypotension may develop due to lifestyle habits. Therefore, it is a countermeasure to adjust your daily habits. It is important to prevent excessive fat intake, lack of exercise, and obesity, and to keep a regular lifestyle in mind. It is also important not to do unreasonable dosing methods such as fasting drinking and one shot.



Among hypotension, acute hypotension has been shown to be a serious pathological condition. In addition to vaccines and drugs, it seems that there is a possibility that it may occur due to illness and drinking. It is important to keep a regular life and avoid excessive drinking at the same time.


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