Dangerous if left unattended! A disease that can cause chest pain

Many people must have felt “chest pain” in their daily life, although the degree and frequency of pain differed. Be diverse, not just lungs and lungs. Describe possible illnesses and treatments.


Note that chest pain can be life-threatening


Please tell me the disease that can be considered when the chest hurts.

In a nutshell, chest pain can be caused by a variety of causes, including lung disease and heart disease. Also, the disease changes depending on the method of disease. So be careful. The most frightening thing is that you may suddenly lose your life from chest pain due to acute myocardial infarction or aortic dissection.


Please tell me what kind of illness you have. from acute myocardial infarction.

The heart is made up of muscles called myocardium, and acute myocardial infarction is a disease in which a blood clot forms in the coronary arteries, which nourish the heart muscle, and becomes clogged, resulting in necrosis of part of the heart muscle. If the area of ​​necrosis is large, heart failure will occur, and if the area is small, death will result if an arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation occurs.

what is the pain?

The location of the disease may vary, such as in the middle of the chest or around the stomach, but the pain is strong and painful with cold sweats. There is a tendency for the incidence to increase from


Tell me about Aorta.

Arteriosclerosis occurs in the aorta, a blood vessel that pumps out blood from the heart, and the lining of the aorta ruptures, allowing blood to seep into the wall of the blood vessel and progress through the wall. cause.

Causes and symptoms of low blood pressure


What happens when an aortic occurs?

Necrosis of the kidneys and intestines occurs due to compression of the blood vessels that culture the internal organs, and necrosis of the entire lower extremity occurs due to compression of the arteries of the lower extremities. In addition, if the dissection progresses to the heart, heart failure may occur, and bleeding may accumulate in the membrane surrounding the heart and cause pressure on the heart. Aortic harry is a deadly disease known to kill over 50% of people.


how is the pain?

The pain is intense and starts in the middle of the chest and spreads down the neck/back and along the aorta. often occurs in the 60s.


Can these diseases be prevented?

In most cases, aortic harrying develops suddenly without warning, but in about half of acute myocardial infarctions, symptoms of angina pectoris recur before the onset. It will last for about 10 minutes, but it will sink if it stabilizes. If you receive treatment at a specialized hospital at the stage of angina pectoris, the occurrence of myocardial infarction can be suppressed by widening the constricted area through catheter treatment. If angina pectoris progresses, acute myocardial infarction will occur, so it is important to treat at this point.


How do you prevent it?

Atherosclerosis is the main cause of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and aortic dissection. Various lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes that reduce the function of the endometrium, smoking and lack of sleep that damage the lining of the endometrium, and disordered eating habits that are aggregated into metabolic syndrome that worsens the condition of the endometrium and plaque progress. The best prevention is to improve lifestyle-related diseases as soon as possible.


Chest pain caused by lungs or stomach

Please also tell me about chest pain caused by something other than the heart.

A condition called preobstruction caused by the lungs can also cause chest pain. It’s called Economy Class Syndrome. It only hurts, but it can be painful. It is characterized by the absence of pain in only one side of the chest.


Do you have other lung diseases?

Pneumothorax is a lung disease that causes pain in the chest. The air that was torn apart and sucked leaks into my chest. Although chest pain occurs at this time, there are many cases where it is accompanied by pain and chest pain afterwards. This is called spontaneous pneumothorax, but it can be caused by a variety of causes, such as trauma or catamenial pneumothorax, which develops before or after menstruation.


What about places other than the lungs?

Reflux esophagitis also causes chest pain. I feel the pain rising from my stomach. It’s called underwear. They say that all chest pain coming from the esophagus occurs in the middle of the chest, regardless of age.


A little while ago, I heard that “neuralgia” also causes chest pain.

There is intercostal neuralgia that causes pain along either the left or right rib. Causes are often found. One of the causes of intercostal neuralgia is target herpes, but first, persistent pain appears for several days to a week, followed by eczema on that site, and even after the eczema has healed, the pain persists for a long period of time, even for several years. Persist. Therefore, it is important to use antiviral agents as soon as possible.


See a doctor without self-diagnosis

So, when you have chest pain, you often narrow down the name of the disease by examining it.

However, there are cases where no matter how many tests you do, nothing comes out even though your chest hurts. This is actually the most common.


Neurosis is a disease in which the nerves become so sensitive that they mistakenly feel pain. It is necessary, but it is difficult to get rid of the symptoms immediately, it takes a little time.


There are many causes for chest pain.

I would prefer cardiology. Therefore, if you have an electrocardiogram or X-ray, and if you have myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, or pre-occlusion, you need to be rushed to a hospital as soon as possible and start treatment. I will try to narrow it down. It is the doctor’s role, not the patient’s, to determine whether the condition can be seen. Call an ambulance immediately if you feel severe pain. Get a diagnosis.


Chest pain, he said, has many causes, ranging from immediate life-threatening to observable. But that decision is up to the doctor, not you. Call an ambulance immediately on the ground. After seeing your doctor, try to find out the cause of your pain. Please do not end with self-judgment.



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